customer relationship

 management (CRM)



We offer deep experience in the definition and delivery of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) processes and solutions working with market leading products such as the Siebel and SAP CRM amongst others.

Our experience ranges from the first steps of developing a CRM strategy and implementation approach, though business case development, managing a CRM implementation and then working to ensure benefits delivery.

Where a CRM programme  is already in place we can offer a short and simple CRM ‘Health Check’ to evaluate the programme and activities against good practices that we have come across in other organisations.  This five step checklist looks at the clarity of the CRM strategy, the business case behind it and the way that the strategy is being implemented.


...and what do your customers think about what you're doing..?

"I can't stand calling that company any more. I hate talking to a machine..."

"I don't care if you have a loyalty programme if you don't have what I need at a price I want to pay"

"Your salesman just plays with his fancy laptop and doesn't listen to what I have to say".

"It takes twice as long for the salesman to take an order on his laptop than it did with the paper form and it still doesn't stop you from being out of stock".

"Wouldn't it be nice to get back to the days when you could talk to a real person...."



...are you "doing  CRM"... ?

"Of course we have a CRM strategy. We implemented new technology in our call centre last week. We don't even have to talk to our customers any more"

"We don't need CRM any more since we stopped our loyalty card programme".

"We've got CRM. All of our sales force have new laptops. Don't know exactly what they do with them...."

"Our customer service is improving all the time - just look at how we've reduced call times dramatically with our new system - but why is customer retention falling?"

"Why do we have to pay so much for a contact management system. My address book and diary work fine for me".

"CRM is all about technology isn't it? I'll pass you over to our IT manager".


So what is CRM all about then?

CRM is more than technology. To be most effective, it needs to address all the areas where a business interacts with its customers and prospective customers, in order to grow and mutually profit from that relationship.  A CRM strategy will form part of an overall business strategy which embraces the organisation, its processes and supporting technology. It can affect the hearts and minds of every member of an organisation and the way they deal with customers. Technology can be introduced as part of this strategy, but if implemented on its own, it will just be a waste of money.

But don't forget the 'C' in CRM stands for "Customer".