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If an organisation needs help to define an IT or change management strategy, we can help.  This may be as little as a few days of providing advice and input to the strategic planning process, or it may be the delivery of the strategy itself.

"Our IT manager reports to the FD. We agree a budget every year and he decides how to spend it".

"What's the point of having IT represented on the Board. We shouldn't waste our time talking about that sort of stuff at our level".

"The IT department don't understand what we really need, they just play around with their computers all the time".

"We are happy to run our own internal IT group. It would be too risky to consider outsourcing".

"E-business is all hype anyway, isn't it".

I need an IT Director who can talk sensibly to the business

...why do we not agree with them? If you have an opinion send us an

We deliver business-aligned IT strategies and the strategic alignment of business activities behind company objectives.
Organisational development activities include business alignment, account management, supplier management, multiple sourcing strategy and re-energising tired organisations.  
Our experience of strategic sourcing include defining and executing outsourcing programmes for IT applications development, IT applications support, data centre management and network management.  This can be followed by the planning and execution of the resultant mergers & acquisition and the management of outsourced services from both a client and supplier perspective.
Our experience in Architecture and IT Strategy development has included the redesign of a business application set to significantly reduce the number of applications whilst increasing the overall functionality.



We can bring the experience of developing a word-wide e-business strategy and creation of e-business programmes in the context of business-to-business, business-to-consumer, intranet and e-procurement.
Cost reduction can also be achieved not only through strategic sourcing, but also application and platform consolidation, supplier negotiations and other focused cost reduction programmes.